Weekend at the ranch

It’s been a beautiful weekend at the ranch, although I could do without the time change. Can we just please pick a time – and preferably the one that gives us more daylight at the end of the day – and stick with it? The reasons we do this twice a year are archaic and need to be jettisoned.

Lots of kitchen work this weekend, although this morning in the fog I did get out and pull up the cuke plants, spent from their second late-season round. The stragglers I picked and tossed into a brine to begin their journey to sweet relish, a multi-day affair. In other deeds…

Rendering lard.


Making jerky for the dogs.

Making habanero-peach hot sauce.


Some broccoli – cheddar soup.


Currently, I’m waiting on the croissant dough to thaw a bit since I left it in the freezer a bit too long. Next step: laying on the block of butter and folding the dough over it, then rolling it out a bit and back in the freezer for a short stay.